11/12/23 - Expo VUmc

Today was the opening of my exhibition in VUmc hospital in Amsterdam where you can see my work for the coming 3 months. I'm very proud to show these works and hearing all the positive feedback. All prints are limited edition 70x100 fine art prints in aluminium frame.

06/11/23 - New website

Winter time is the time to withdraw from the outside world and return inwards. A good time to work on a new website. And here is the result! At the same time I present the above new work, which for me means a different kind of way to look at photography. Artificial Intelligence has shaken up the photography world this year and leaves us with a lot to think about. What does photography still mean as an object of art? With this in mind, I photographed two almost identical pictures and edited them to perfection. The final product; Two printed photos superimposed in torn layers. A unique object where the end product is always different and never bores.

Exhibition Gallery 'Lichtzone'

Being one of the guest teachers @ Fotoschool statief I'm very proud to exhibit among such beautiful work!